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Be still and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10

The “be still” verse – easy to preach, hard to practice. It’s difficult, at least for us doers.

My refusal to be still explained why I kept turning God back into a goal. 

It wasn’t until I noticed discontent settling in again that I also noticed I’d gotten too busy for my Jesus chair. For nearly a year, I walked in circles around my living room and talked to a chair where I imagined Jesus sat and listened. My relationship with Him grew and I healed some. 

However, my move in March provoked old habits of busyness. I packed up a lot of stuff. I also packed a lot into a day. I read my Bible and prayed daily. I wrote and journaled and served. I listened to dozens of videos about anything to do with Jesus and read related books. 

I made it my goal to stay close to God by way of my actions instead of my relationship, and my healing came undone. 

When I listened a second time to Sunday’s sermon, I got my answer during the rocking chair story (that I also shared in yesterday’s blog post). 

A pastor challenged his multimillionaire parishioner to spend 10 quiet minutes a day with Jesus doing something like reflecting on only one scripture. Even though the rich man claimed to be too busy, he accepted the challenge and bought a rocking chair. For the rest of his life, he rocked his way into a relationship with God that transformed him and his family. 

My problem wasn’t with the things I did, but the busyness itself. I needed to put my goals aside and be quiet with Jesus for our relationship’s sake. 

Do you need to put down your Bible for 10 minutes and just sit with Him? Me too.   

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