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I typically put a similar statement to this one at the end of most of my blog posts. However, today I’ve included it at the beginning because this post is an overview of Section 1 about Healing. This is the first of three sections to be included in my manuscript titled On The Other Side of Trying Hard: Healing, Happiness, and Holiness

My blog post titles below include the chapter title (example: Trying Hard Didn’t Work). The phrase in parentheses is a subheading from that chapter (example: not the way I thought it should). 

I’ve listed all of my blog post titles (chapter titles and subheadings) from the healing section and included a couple of sentences to recap each chapter. 

I’ll be back tomorrow or Monday to begin Section 2 about Happiness. Thanks for reading along and commenting. 

In This Together, 

To begin healing, we accept that trying hard hasn’t worked and isn’t going to, and we make our “work” about trusting God instead. And helping others.

Trying Hard Didn’t Work (not the way I thought it should), part 1

Trying Hard Didn’t Work (no matter what the quotes said), part 2

Trying Hard Didn’t Work (dying to get better), part 3

Trying Hard Didn’t Work (no matter what people said), part 4

Trying Hard Didn’t Work (trying hard versus hard work), part 5

Before I healed at all, I had to feel difficult emotions that I hadn’t felt in years – emotions I tried to deaden and bury until they almost killed me. I couldn’t heal if I didn’t feel alive or even care if I lived.  

Dead for a Decade (18 years later), part 1

Dead for a Decade (denying ourselves a life), part 2

Dead for a Decade (deadening the life we have), part 3

Dead for a Decade (what was so wrong?), part 4

Dead for a Decade (really, what was so wrong?), part 5

Dead for a Decade (I couldn’t tell you what was so wrong either… ), part 6

Dead for a Decade (and I couldn’t save us), part 7

Dead for a Decade (to feel again or not?), part 8

Healing so we live healthy and full lives is all about our attitudes, our choices, and dying daily to ourselves. If we do these well, we’ll leave holy legacies for our families and our children and their children and their children.

Coming Back to Life (planted or buried?), part 1

Coming Back to Life (attitude and its people), part 2

Coming Back to Life (get Egypt out of me), part 3

Coming Back to Life (how to get through Saturday), part 4

Coming Back to Life (chapter 42 in Job), part 5

Coming Back to Life (parental blessings and curses), part 6

Coming Back to Life (a million choices), part 7

Coming Back to Life (a million deaths), part 8

Our healing doesn’t stand a chance until we stand with God and put Him first. But if you’re like me (and I know some of you are), I convinced myself that God didn’t mind me prioritizing my marriage and children above Him. The mess I made by putting people first is how this chapter came about.  

People (it’s complicated), part 1

People (trying hard to be okay), part 2

People (trying hard to make them okay), part 3

People (holy ground and the holy spirit), part 4

People (crazy for God or just crazy), part 5

Healing happens when we allow God to fix our emotions and we fix our minds on Him. It’s that simple and it’s that complicated. 

Mind Over Matter and Emotions (the battlefield), part 1

Mind Over Matter and Emotions (the implication of mind over matter), part 2

Mind Over Matter and Emotions (where do our emotions stand?), part 3

Mind Over Matter and Emotions (what value is there in feeling our feelings?), part 4

Mind Over Matter and Emotions (how do we settle our minds so as to settle our emotions?), part 5

Mind Over Matter and Emotions (the goodness of emotions), part 6

Mind Over Matter and Emotions (the heart of the matter), part 7

Mind Over Matter and Emotions (minding the ins and outs of the matter), part 8

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