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Dirty Little Fingers … analyze that!

I’m not talking about a child’s handprints like you might surmise from the title, but my own dirty fingers – the ones that typed on the wrong keys and, oh, my … I wouldn’t think of repeating the word that ended up smack dab in the middle of my laptop...

Well-Written Days' 2010 Progress Report

  Here are 2010’s highlights, brought to you by who sends an end-of-the-year report all about blogging.  My favorite from the report said “Visitors came searching, mostly for quiet…”         More highlights ~...

God + Dog = Cats too?

We’re dog people. Our daughter and her fiancé have two lab mixes, Tanner and Savannah. My husband’s brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews all own dogs. For the first time in 33 years, we don’t have one underfoot, but we’re looking for a Daisy dog. So it’s hard to...

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