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“Instant gratification takes too long.”
Carrie Fisher

When there’s not enough time for an overhaul during yard work, my husband and I neaten the flowerbeds and around the edge of the lawn with the weed eater.

We chop the tops off dollar weed, crabgrass and Japanese clover till it’s ground level and barely noticeable.

It’s an instant gratification way to weed a lawn and for the moment, it’s good enough.

That’s until three days later, rain or not, and the weeds are green, healthy, and just about as tall as the weed eater that cut them.

Looking at a yard overtaken by everything but grass reminds me quick-and-easy is often not the best way to confront a lawn, nor life’s challenges.

I may want to take a weed eater to an unpleasant character trait, so it’s resolved by late afternoon, only to have it show up again within days.

Which is your preference? Cleaning up just the surface or digging in?

WRite wHere I’m supposed to be – Well-kept lawns and lives require a certain amount of digging in and doing it right.

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