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“Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words.” Francis of Assisi

“Do you feel the Holy Spirit, right here, right now? Do you feel him?”
“I think so.”
“You think so? Either you do or you don’t.”
Sitting across from a family member in a fast food restaurant, I listened while he talked about my salvation. He questioned whether I was a Christian.
Instead of arguing or leaving, I ate my roast beef sandwich while he preached.
Each time our conversation comes to mind, so does one I had with Baptist minister and friend Bill Cusack about raising kids.
“You can love ‘em into heaven or preach ‘em into hell,” he said.
The lunch date with my family member resembled the latter. Turns out, though, it was an hour well spent. I figured out what not to do with our kids or anyone else.
Ever had one of those conversations, when you wish you were any place else, but you learn a whole lot from being right where you’re supposed to be?
WRite wHere I’m supposed to be – Dear God, help me remember that even though preaching has its place, sermons don’t save people. Love does.

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