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Judgment and the Chocolate Epiphany

We relaxed into a sense of belonging because of each other’s sense of not belonging. Over a jar of Fruition fudge, my friend and I talked into the afternoon about marriage, kids, church, good places to eat, houses, marriage, travel, kids, good places to eat … you...

Strengthening Your Backbone

“Remember, your core also includes your back,” said Linda, our Pilates instructor, when I asked why I was unable to balance on the fitness ball while lying face up. She often reminds us to focus on our core, but somehow I missed that she was talking about more than...

Lying, Denying and Justifying

The phrase “lying, denying and justifying” describes anyone’s behavior but my own. It tells about people who take little responsibility for their unproductive, unfortunate and unlucky lives. For instance, the fellow who drinks a case of beer, only admits to drinking...

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