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“And until we do it (that thing we were made to do), we live in the tension of a divine discontent, by which the voice of God whispers in our ears, ‘You were made for more than this.’” Jeff Goins

The phrase “lying, denying and justifying” describes anyone’s behavior but my own.

It tells about people who take little responsibility for their unproductive, unfortunate and unlucky lives.

For instance, the fellow who drinks a case of beer, only admits to drinking one, and downplays the inevitable DUI.

And the woman who applies for credit card after credit card, charges each to its limit, and pretends not to understand her husband’s frustration.

Lying, denying and justifying are about people I can’t relate to, unless I stop lying, denying and justifying.

This is day two of Jeff Goins’ series 15 Habits of Great Writers.

Yesterday’s assignment was easy. We had to declare “I am a writer.” Jeff’s challenge to hundreds of writers this morning is meant to prove to ourselves once and for all we are writers.

To believe ittougher than just saying it.

We’re pondering the idea for 24 hours, getting up early tomorrow to write uninterrupted, and today, taking whatever bold action we hope will fling us towards belief.

Mine is the confession of lies, denial and justifications.


I have nothing to say.
I am not a talented writer.
I don’t deserve to be heard or to be successful.
Unless I’m being paid, my writing doesn’t matter.


I’d rather play than work.
I don’t care whether I write a book or not.


I’m too busy to write.
My family needs me to always be available.
I can’t write unless I have a large block of time.

What’s got to happen for you to begin today to believe in yourself?

Write wHere I’m supposed to be – I am trading in lying, denying and justifying for writing, at least for the next 15 days. I can always return to my old habits if I like them best.

On the side: Jeff Goins designed the 15-day activity to help writers get to the other side of fear, and do that “something” we were meant to do. However, anyone, everyone and you can use it to achieve your dream whether it is business owner, marketing guru or chef.

I have something for you!


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