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My Word for 2013 – Ponder

Another year, another phone conversation with our son. That’s how my word for 2012 came about; our son said it’d be helpful if I shared information incrementally instead of stockpiling. His request, as well as the word, stuck. Too bad this year didn’t reap the same...

Lying, Denying and Justifying

The phrase “lying, denying and justifying” describes anyone’s behavior but my own. It tells about people who take little responsibility for their unproductive, unfortunate and unlucky lives. For instance, the fellow who drinks a case of beer, only admits to drinking...

Ernest Hemingway Created Twitter

Okay, so Twitter was before Ernest Hemingway’s time. But you have to admit, he knew how to write a tweet.  The author’s tight writing would surely have fit the character count, and his choice of words, worthy of a retweet. Here are writing tips handed to him when he...

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