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“A journey comes full circle like a spiral staircase – the same view, only higher.” S. Kim Henson

The Write2Ignite! Conference is this weekend in Greenville, South Carolina.

The two-day event is for writers whose articles and books appeal to children and young adults.

A presenter for the conference, who I didn’t know until I got her message, asked if I planned to attend. If Kristi had not contacted me, I doubt I would have gone.

So what’s that got to do with coming full circle and spiral staircases?

Once upon a time, I attended my first writing workshop called Realizing the Writer and Illustrator Within.

It was also held in Greenville. I made the five hour drive to find a publisher for two children’s books and one about raising teens. Laughable since none were near ready for publication, and I’ve rewritten the latter ninety-something times.

Instead of a contract, I picked up a flyer offering classes to learn how to write for newspapers and magazines.

I signed up and the rest is my resume up until now.

A half decade later, I’m headed back to Greenville on scholarship money I received to attend the Write2Ignite! Conference, more confirmation I’m supposed to be there. Although I still have hopes of finding a children’s book publisher, I’m looking forward to whatever is around the next flight of stairs.

I’d love to hear your full circle story.

WRite wHere I’m supposed to be – Each time around, I have a little higher view, and always more spectacular than what I planned.

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