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When God Isn’t Good

“Live (and die) so that anyone who knows you knows God is good.” The night before we left to meet family for Christmas, my husband John and I drove 45 minutes to Pawleys Island (Pawleys for short), a community where we bought a creek lot this past summer. We wanted to...

Pain Turns Us Into Runners

“When life is stressful, do something to lift your spirits. Go for a drive. Go two or three thousand miles away. Maybe change your name.” Unknown “There’s a big difference between running toward something and running away from something,” was my daughter’s take on our...

I Have Never Once Been Sorry (about setting boundaries)

“I know my boundaries and one day I might just enforce them.” Unknown I curled up under the blanket on our living room sofa and ate Reese’s Cups while mulling over what went wrong. The conversation with John was okay until we each made a comment the other one didn’t...

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